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St. Patrick's Novena 2015 Speaker Profiles

Novena-speakers1We are delighted to share these short profiles of our guest speakers for this year's St. Patrick's Novena:

Sunday 8th March 5:30pm - Sr. Treasa Davey

The Novena opens with Sr. Treasa Davey who is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of St Clare. She is in temporary vows and teaches in the Sacred Heart Grammar School.

Monday 9th March 7:30pm - Monsignor Raymond Murray

Priest of the Archdiocese of Armagh, poet and historian. Edited 'Seanchas Ard Mhacha' the journal of the ‪Armagh‬ Diocesan Historical Society for more than thirty years. Author of books on human rights in the north of Ireland.

Tuesday 10th March 7:30pm - Mrs Brenda Rankin-Sands

Mrs Brenda Rankin-Sands is a native of Newry City. She teaches in the Sacred Heart Grammar School, ‪Newry‬.


Reflection for the second week of Lent


‘Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise’. Gospel of Luke 23:43

Jesus was mocked by all those who were involved in his crucifixion. As he hung on the Cross one of the two criminals who were to be crucified with him began to realise that Jesus did not deserve to be put to death as he had done nothing wrong. This realisation resulted in the criminal turning to Jesus and saying to him:

‘Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom’. (Luke 23:42)

The criminal did not ask Jesus for forgiveness only that Jesus would remember him when He returned to heaven. With mercy and great love, Jesus responded to the request by giving the criminal much more than he had asked for:


The life of Saint Patrick - Part 5 - From Sun Worship to Christianity

patglassAncient peoples all across the world had a tradition of polytheism. They appealed to many gods for good fortune, good harvests, victory in war, health and wealth. The Celts were no exception, perhaps most notable was Lú the god of light. In our climate, the sun linked to good harvests was a very important element in their spiritual life.

New Grange built by a pre-Celtic people is a kind of solar observatory to determine when the daylight hours will lengthen and Bealtine (beginning of summer) is the start of the warmth and agriculture. Patrick merged the use of light in the gospels meaning Christ, to light in Celtic traditions that which empowered the world.

The Celtic cross is the traditional cross with the sun superimposed. This is a fusion of the old and the new and transition from paganism into Christianity still holding all the symbolism that the Celts associated with the sun.