Four days with Fr. Thady Doyle (Curate’s Diary)

Newry Cathedral News

Fr. Thady Doyle (Editor and chief writer of ‘The Curate’s Diary’)
A special four days. Monday to Thursday.

We are blessed to have Fr. Thady visit us again in Newry. It is two years since he was last here. He will lead morning and evening Mass in the Cathedral or St. Mary’s for four days from Mon. 28th to Thur. 31st May

Theme: “Preparation for World Meeting of Families”.

Days and times to note:

Mon. To Thur. 28th/31st May. Newry Cathedral
10.30 am Holy Mass and talk..

Mon. 28th and Thur. 31st May. Newry Cathedral
7.30pm Holy Mass and talk.

Note: Thur. 31st will be a Reconciliation day, with Sacrament of Confessions after both the 10.30am and 7.30pm Holy Masses. The first Friday falls on the following day.)

Tue. 29th and Wed. 30th May. St. Mary’s Chapel (The Old Chapel)
7.30pm Holy Mass and talk.

These special four days will be an excellent spiritual preparation for Corpus Christi and the Feast of the Sacred Heart on 3rd and 8th June respectively.