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Join us here for Mass and other services and celebrations live from Newry Cathedral, Saint Brigid’s and Saint Catherine’s Churches.

Click here to view the live transmission from Newry Cathedral

Click here to view the live transmission from Saint Brigid’s Church

Click here to view the live transmission from Saint Mary’s Church

Click here to view the live transmission from Saint Catherine’s Church

Health warning: Photosensitivity

People affected by photosensitivity are advised to be cautious when viewing our webcams. The structure of some of our churches may mean that our cameras are facing into direct sunlight at certain times of day. This may cause light distortion that could potentially pose a problem for people affected by photosensitivity. Additionally, although our own parish photographers do not use flash photography, members of the public and outside photographers often do, especially during weddings, Confirmations and First Holy Communion Masses. The webcam service is provided as a courtesy and users are advised to be cautious as use is at their own risk.

Important: Requesting recordings

Webcam recordings are made only when requested.

The webcam service is provided to allow people who cannot attend church to participate in the liturgy live. As a courtesy, we may be able to provide a recording of the webcam when this is requested at least 48 hours in advance of the event. Please do not rely solely on the webcam to record major events, such as weddings. We cannot accept liability for recording failures or quality issues. Webcam recordings are available for direct download from each individual webcam page for a limited time, after which time they are automatically deleted. Please download recordings as soon as is possible after the event. Contact us to request a recording.

Webcam not working properly?

Before reporting an issue, please take the following steps to ensure that the problem isn’t at your end:

Sound issues

  1. Try watching a video on another website. Is the sound working?
  2. Check that the sound hasn’t been muted on your computer, mobile phone or tablet.
  3. Check that the volume isn’t turned down on your computer, mobile phone or tablet.
  4. Check that headphones aren’t plugged into the headphone socket.
  5. Check that any external speakers are switched on.

Video issues:

1) Update your Browser

We recommend that you use the free Google Chrome Browser to view our webcam on computers and mobile devices. Free here.

2) Install and Update Adobe Flash

If you aren’t using the Google Chrome browser, please click here and follow the steps outlined to make sure that you have an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player installed.

3) Check your Internet Connection

Could your Internet service be down or running slowly? Check if other websites are working properly. Try switching your modem off and on. (Wait 30 seconds before re-starting)

No joy? Please report the issue by completing the form below.

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